Power Factors Adds ‘Drive Pro’ Platform For all Energy Storage Developers

Arevon selects Power Factor’s Drive platform to supervise its 100MW Saticoy energy storage project in Southern California.

Renewable energy asset performance management and enterprise asset management software, Power Factors, LLC, announced that it has extended support for the emerging class of utility-scale battery energy storage system assets in its Drive platform and added a new asset class to the ‘Drive Pro’ platform.

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Power’s ‘Drive Pro’ is a software platform that provides owners, operators, and asset managers with information and tools they can rely on to help them identify and recover plant performance losses to maximize portfolio profitability. Drive Pro builds on the data foundation established by the Drive platform to deliver advanced analytics insights that connect stakeholders across all aspects of asset performance management from plant design to predictive modeling to O&M.

‘Drive Pro’ adds some new key features to the Power Factor’s Drive platform including, Degraded Classification, Data Capability, Loss Overview, Budget Deviation, and Predicted Loss Auditor.

Drive applies OEM and user-defined business and engineering rules to identify operational events affecting production, performance, and commercial compliance.

Along with this, Power also announced that Arevon has selected Power Factor’s ‘Drive’ platform to supervise their 100MW Saticoy energy storage project. This 100MW project is one of the largest utility-scale, transmission-grade energy storage projects in Southern California. Interestingly it is the first of three similarly-sized assets Arevon will manage using Drive this year.

Arevon is a leading global provider of renewable energy infrastructure solutions to institutional investors and long-term owners. Speaking of their partnership, VP of Asset Management at Arevon, Anand Narayanan stated, “Power Factors is our preferred partner because they understand our business and collaborate with us to develop the solutions we need to compete successfully in this emerging space. Saticoy is the first of three large-scale storage sites coming online with Arevon this year, making it more important than ever to be able to manage all our assets from a single unified platform.”

“We’re excited for them to bring their best-in-class data management and analytics to this new asset class,” Anand added.

The partnership between Arevon, plant operators, and Power Factors led to the development of an energy storage asset management solution capable of meeting the needs of this rapidly growing renewable energy sector, says Power Factor.

Power Factors’ battery energy storage system (BESS) offering introduces new functionality that enables asset owners and operators to manage state-of-health performance against warranties, view state-of-charge analytics, and track battery cycles. Future releases for BESS in the Drive platform include advanced analytics, digital twin virtual models, and dispatch schedule optimization tools.

Power Factor has three software platforms including, ‘Drive Pro’, ‘Drive’, ‘Drive Plus’.

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