NV Energy Announces Transmission Project for Clean Energy Link up in Nevada

NV Energy Announces Transmission Project for Clean Energy Link up in Nevada

NV Energy has announced its plans for Greenlink Nevada, transmission and renewable energy initiative that will transform Nevada’s clean energy landscape, create thousands of jobs, promote economic development and position the state to achieve its environmental and carbon reduction goals.

NV Energy Transmission

Greenlink Nevada is comprised of two distinct transmission line segments that, once completed, will allow access to and future development of Nevada’s renewable energy resources, will increase electric reliability for Nevadans and will position the state as an energy leader in the western United States for decades to come. The project will also provide the infrastructure needed to support the growth of new and expanding businesses in the state from west Henderson to Apex in North Las Vegas to Innovation Park outside of Reno.

Construction on the project is slated to begin in 2020 and will be fully completed in 2031.

“Greenlink Nevada is essential to unlocking Nevada’s clean energy potential and meeting Nevada’s renewable and de-carbonisation goals by providing access to new in-state solar and geothermal resources and creating opportunities to maximise renewable resource opportunities across the west. Nevada’s recently enhanced renewable portfolio standard calls for 50 percent of energy utilised in Nevada to come from renewable energy resources, and these transmission lines are timed in order to meet this mandate and to make significant advancements to meet the state’s 2050 carbon reduction objectives,” said Doug Cannon, NV Energy President and Chief Executive Officer. “Our customers will reap the environmental and economic benefits of greater transmission capacity and increased renewable energy including cleaner air, business growth, improved reliability and lower energy costs.”

The transmission initiative also aligns with NV Energy‘s plan to support Nevada’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic The project, if approved, will immediately start to generate an estimated USD 781 million in economic activity and support more than 4,000 jobs during its 11-year construction period.

“Greenlink Nevada will bring substantial economic benefits in the form of jobs, increased business opportunities and significant tax revenue for rural counties at a time when our state needs it the most,” said Cannon. “Jobs would be created immediately with designing, permitting, engineering and project scoping work. The projects will be constructed utilising skilled labor to ensure they are constructed in a high quality manner that ensures decades of benefits for Nevada.”

Greenlink North, the first major segment, will be a 525 kV line that spans approximately 235 miles from Ely, NV to Yerington, NV. Greenlink West, the second major segment, will be a 351 mile, 525 kV line from Las Vegas, NV to Yerington, NV. Greenlink Nevada will also include three 345 kV lines from Yerington, NV to the Reno and Innovation Park areas to support new economic development.

The project is being filed as part of NV Energy’s Integrated Resource Plan filing with the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada and is subject to PUCN approval. The firm anticipates a decision by year-end, and if approved will quickly begin to create jobs and provide economic investment to assist Nevada in its COVID-19 recovery.

The company has also announced three new solar plus storage projects as part of its IRP filing. The projects, which will be built in southern Nevada, total 478 megawatts of new solar photovoltaic generation and 338 megawatts of battery storage, and have the capacity to power more than 107,000 homes.

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