MNRE Releases Operational Guidelines for empanelment of Channel Partners/Solar Rooftop Ambassador / Government Agencies

MNRE Releases Operational Guidelines for empanelment of Channel Partners/Solar Rooftop Ambassador / Government Agencies


The Channel Partners or Implementing Agencies will play an important role in achieving the ambitious target of solar rooftop in the various sectors.

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has released operational Guidelines for empanelment of Channel Partners/Solar Rooftop Ambassador / Government Agencies under “Grid Connected Rooftop and Small Solar Power Plants Programme”.

The Government of India has set an ambitious target of 100 GW solar power by2022. Significant portion of this target, i.e. 40,000 MWp has to be achieved from Grid- Interactive Rooftop Solar PV Plants.

The Channel Partners or Implementing Agencies will play an important role in achieving the ambitious target of solar rooftop in the various sectors.

To streamline the empanelment process of Channel Partners, following operational guidelines are being issued:

 Who can get empaneled with MNRE?

  • System Integrators

Agency specializing in bringing together quality components of Solar Power Plants and assembling the systems and ensuring proper functioning of the plant.

A company that finances, installs, operates and maintains the rooftop solar power plant and provides electricity to the consumer at a pre-decided tariff.

  • Manufacturers of major components of the Solar Plants

Manufacturer of Solar PV Modules or Inverters/Power Conditioning Unit or other power electronics or Solar Batteries.

  • Solar Project Developers

Agencies with adequate manpower and resources interested in implementation of Grid Connected Rooftop Projects.

  • Reputed NGOs of national level

Reputed registered NGOs working in the field of Solar Power.

  • Companies

The Govt. Departments/Agencies/PSUs interested in directly implementing the Grid Connected Rooftop and Small Solar Power Plants Programme

  • Startup firm or New entrepreneurs.

Newly established agencies with qualified manpower and resources to execute Solar Power Projects.

  • Solar Rooftop Ambassador

Agency will provide free-of-cost Solar Feasibility Assessments to customers and promote Solar Energy Installation to individuals. In case the customer is willing to have  solar  energy  installation,  the  agency  may  coordinate  with  Solar  Project Developer to get the installation done. The Agency may or may not charge service charges from the Solar Project Developer.

 Advantages to Empanelled Agencies:

  • The name and contact details of the Agencies will be displayed on MNRE’s website/Mobile Application, for the customers to directly contact them for business enquiry.
  • Contact details of interested individuals, filling Interest form on MNRE website or Mobile application is passed on to the Empanelled Agencies.
  • Preference is given to Empanelled Agencies in tenders for solar installation   floated   by   various   implementing   agencies g. by state/central government agencies.

 Eligibility conditions:

  • Public or Private Company registered under the Companies Act of respective State Govt. or Central Govt.
  • Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) firms under Companies Act 2013 (LLPIN)
  • Partnership firm registered (under partnership Act.1932)
  • Companies Registered as MSME or SSI
  • Reputed National   Level   NGO   working   in   the   field   of renewable    energy    registered    under    society        1860./respective State Society Act.
  • Agencies registered under Indian Trust Act 1882/ Indian Trust (Amendment) Act 2015
  • Proprietorship Firms   (Registered   with   State   or    Central government) Black-listed firms by State or Central Agencies or unregistered entities are not eligible as channel partners.

Process to become channel partners

Any entity having covered under above categories (except Govt. Agencies or PSU) may approach rating agencies registered with RBI to get Solar Power Rating for their Company. After getting the valid rating, online application may be filled up by     the     agency.     The     rating     report     must     be     uploaded     on     SPIN ( for  empanelment  as  Channel  Partner/Solar  Rooftop Ambassador while filling up the online form.

Govt Agencies/PSU may directly apply on SPIN with the following documents:

  • Documents of Registration: Company registered under the company act 1956/2013 (CIN   )   OR   registered   under   Society   Acts   OR   State Government Registration etc.
  • Solar/Power related experience (Experience of company/Agency)
  • PAN card/TIN/VAT documents of Agency

Note: Govt. Agencies or PSUs are exempted from the accreditation by Rating agency

Rating Agencies

At present the following agencies are registered with RBI

  • CRISIL Limited
  • India Ratings and Research Private Limited c. ICRA Limited
  • Credit Analysis & Research Ltd. (CARE)
  • Brickwork Ratings India Private Limited
  • SME Rating Agency of India Ltd. (SMERA)

 Eligible Ratings:

The  following  ratings  are  allowed  to  become  Channel  Partner/  Solar  Rooftop Ambassador:

1A 1B 1C 1D 1E
2A 2B 2C 2D 2E
3A 3B 3C 3D 3E
4A 4B 4C 4D 4E
5A 5B 5C 5D 5E

1 to 5 depicts the technical strength with 1 being the highest. A to E depicts the financial strength with A being the highest.

Time line for submission of application on SPIN

The application window will open for first fifteen days in every quarter of the calendar year. The application received during the period will be disposed before end of that quarter and certificate will be issued to channel partners.


The normal tenure for every channel partner/solar ambassador is one year.  Based on satisfactory performance the tenure will be extended to maximum of two years. After that the entity must approach again the Rating Agency for fresh rating. Non-performers will not be eligible for any extension.

Performance Review

Once the entity gets empanelled, the performance must be uploaded on SPIN on monthly basis.


The Channel partner/Solar Rooftop Ambassador have to develop training capacities. They will also assist in training of local persons to ensure service near the user. The details of trained manpower must be placed on Channel Partner’s Website.


The Ministry reserves the right to De-Empanel any Channel Partner/ Solar Rooftop Ambassador based on performance. The De-empanelment criteria will include but not limited to following reasons:

  • Unable to achieve the target designated by MNRE Inability to achieve the yearly target designated by MNRE, will lead to de- empanelment.
  • Inactivity on SPIN

Channel  Partners  will  regularly  maintain  their  database  with  updated contact details and project completion reports with actual plant picture and geographical  coordinates  etc.  as  specified  in  online  platform  SPIN.  The entries should be updated on monthly basis. Failing to enter data for more than 2 months will lead to de-empanelment without any prior notice. In case no installation has been done in a month, a NIL report should be submitted.

  • Firm blacklisted by any State/Central Govt. Agency
  • Un-attending the customer feedback/problem related to the system installed by them or supplying of substandard material/components/system.

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