Meyer Burger Plans to Build High-performance Module Facility in Arizona

Meyer Burger Plans to Build High-performance Module Facility in Arizona

Meyer Burger Technology is planning a production site for high-performance solar modules in the United States. The initial production capacity will be 400 megawatts a year – with potential for further expansion to several gigawatts of capacity.

The planned plant will make it possible to manufacture high-performance solar modules for the house roof segment, for commercial roof systems and solar power plants. Production will likely go into operation at the end of 2022. The new plant is expected to create hundreds of skilled jobs.

This investment underscores Meyer Burger’s intention to produce modules as close as possible to our end customers, to purchase material from regional suppliers and to continuously improve the sustainability of the products, said the company.

The emissions caused by the transport and the CO2 balance of the solar modules can thus be further optimized, states Meyer Burger, which believes that this approach also reduces the risk of delays in the supply chain and at the same time offers its customers more flexibility and delivery security.

The company is currently in talks with several US states to select the final location. The selection process should be completed by the end of 2021.

The company’s decision to expand its supply chain in the US is driven by a strong domestic solar market and positive economic policy framework, as well as Meyer Burger’s desire to support the transformation to clean energy in the US, claimed the firm.

“Meyer Burger is very pleased to expand production in the USA,” said CEO Gunter Erfurt, adding, “The United States has a long history in the solar industry. In the 1970s, the world’s first production facility for solar modules was built in California – well ahead of Europe and Asia.”

“Now is the time to get back to the roots of the industry and help end its reliance on imports from abroad. Our proprietary heterojunction cell technology and the patented SmartWire module technology enable us to produce products of the highest quality and performance in order to offer our customers economically competitive solar energy,” Erfurt said.

Meyer Burger is currently reviewing a list of possible locations in several US states. The key criteria for the choice of location include available buildings, regulatory and tax framework conditions, state and local economic development programs, available qualified workforce, proximity to transport infrastructure, the supply of renewable energy and the commitment of local communities.

Ardes Johnson, President of Meyer Burger Americas, said, “With this strategic expansion, Meyer Burger will produce its premium solar modules directly in the USA, thus satisfying the strong need of end customers for clean energy. The bipartisan support for the domestic production of solar infrastructure has encouraged us to contribute to the energy independence and sustainability of the country.”

“It is of vital importance for the US to expand the domestic supply chain and break away from its heavy dependence on Asia. We are pleased to be able to contribute to this important goal and are ready to serve the rapidly increasing demand for clean energy. ”

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