Jinko Solar Lays Claim As First To Deliver 100GW Solar Panels

Highlights :

  • Jinko Solar says claims that one out of every ten solar modules installed in the world was produced by the company.
  • The company says that it has achieved the milestone despite Covid-19 led supply chain disruptions.
Jinko Solar Lays Claim As First To Deliver 100GW Solar Panels

One of the world’s leading solar module manufacturers, Jinko Solar has announced that it has delivered 100GW of solar modules globally thereby becoming the first company in history to achieve this milestone. It claims that one out of every ten solar modules installed in the world is  produced by Jinko Solar.

The official statement reads that despite supply chain disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Jinko Solar has managed to capture the interest of the world and has become a driver and trend-setter of progress in the solar PV sector. By the end of 2021, the company’s effective production capacity of monocrystalline silicon wafers, cells and modules reach 32.5GW, 24GW and 45GW respectively. In fact, till the first half of 2021, the firm was on record having delivered just over 80 GW globally. That puts into perspective the huge growth it has seen since, as well as more broader solar growth since 2018 especially.

Kangping Chen, CEO of Jinko Solar says, “We are extremely proud to be the first in the world to achieve 100GW in total module shipments. We want to thank all our teams who have made this possible. We are going from strength to strength, and we will continue to lead the development of next-generation mainstream solar technologies.”

Dany Qian, VP of Jinko Solar, informs, “Another vehicle currently in scaled production is JinkoSolar’s BIPV modules and systems. Designed as part of the Company’s ongoing mission to aid the global shift towards the cleanest and cheapest solar energy available, JinkoSolar’s BIPV facade and BIPV rooftops will have the functionality of building materials and the generation performance of a high efficient solar panel,”

“We are fully committed to making solar energy the most relevant, economical and attainable resource for every building and for everyone,” she adds.

With the existing module models of Cheetah, Swan, Tiger and Tiger Pro series, Jinko Solar has launched the new series of Tiger Neo modules. Jinko Solar claims that it’s the first mass produced module that delivers a maximum power output of up to 620W and an ultra-high conversion efficiency of up to 22.30%. It is capable of achieving 3%-5% more energy generation compared to the PERC applied system with the same capacity, says Jinko Solar.

Jinko Solar had 12 production facilities globally and 22 overseas subsidiaries including those in Japan, India, Germany, the United States and UAE as of December 31, 2021.

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