Ireland Counts On Battery Storage For Energy Transition

Highlights :

Storing energy using batteries could cut carbon emissions and save consumers €85 million on electricity bills annually.

Ireland Counts On Battery Storage For Energy Transition FuturEnergy JV & Greencoat Renewables Unite for Onshore Wind in Ireland

Ireland is going to capitalise on its expertise in operating an isolated grid by developing new battery technology. Minister for Climate and Energy Eamon Ryan has been quoted as saying, “Energy storage using a range of battery technologies will be a core part of Ireland’s new industrial revolution, while playing a key role in balancing its power supply. Ireland was well suited to scaling up energy storage capacity because of its expertise in operating an isolated grid.”

Nearly 500 megawatts (MW) of energy storage is connected to the all-island electricity system currently, while over 1,000MW of projects have planning permission. Further scale-up could cut Ireland’s annual carbon emissions by more than 1 million tonnes and reduce annual electricity bills by more than €85 million, according to a report.

The Irish electricity system would operate in 2030 with 2,000MW of energy storage, 1,600MW of which would be in the Republic, facilitating integration of renewables into the grid and ensuring power generation is not wasted. This would cut oversupply by up to 60 per cent, constraint volumes by up to 90 per cent, and curtailment by 100 per cent ‑ when there is excess electricity available.

Ireland has seen a sustained economic boom on the back of an enabling business environment that has attracted both global firms and their employees to come and work there. Balancing this influx with an energy system that is cleaner and greener is a must in any case, besides meeting its own clean energy goals for the long term.

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