Huawei At SNEC- Off Grid Solutions, Mytileneos Tie-Up and More

Huawei At SNEC- Off Grid Solutions, Mytileneos Tie-Up and More

Huawei, always a towering presence at SNEC Shanghai as the largest inverter seller in the world, has marked the 2021 edition with a slew of announcements and launches.

Doing the honors early was Peng Jianhua, President of Site Power Facility, Huawei Digital Power Technologies Co., Ltd. He released the full series of comprehensive off-grid fuel removal power solution iPowerCube to the global audience. Serving as an inclusive power supply in all scenarios, the solutions seek to provide cost-effective, green, and reliable power for domestic and industrial users in off-grid and unreliable grid areas, helping bridge the energy divide.

Peng Jianhua, Huawei

Peng Jianhua, President of Site Power Facility, Huawei Digital Power Technologies Co. Ltd

The first of these is the Large-scale off-grid fuel removal solution iPowerCube-P

This provides megawatt-level power supply capability and applies to industrial production scenarios such as mines, factories, and campuses, as well as livelihood scenarios such as large villages, islands, and resorts. Compared with the traditional AC coupling solution, the iPowerCube-P uses the DC coupling architecture, which reduces the number of energy conversion times, improves the efficiency, reduces the investment, and lowers the LCOE.

In Cameroon, over 25 MW PV plants and 60 MWh energy storage systems adopt the Huawei off-grid solution, powering 350 remote villages and benefiting about 50,000 households with approximate 300,000 residents.

IPowerCube-S , Huawei

Off Grid Gets Options

Next we have the Medium-scale off-grid fuel removal solution iPowerCube-S, that provides 100 kW-level power supply capability and applies to livelihood scenarios such as small villages and islands as well as industrial production scenarios such as oil and gas wells, checkpoints, and transportation stations. Compared with the traditional split-type solution, Huawei iPowerCube-S adopts pre-integration and does not require distribution network reconstruction, which shortens the deployment period and reduces the investment.

Finally, you have the Small-scale off-grid fuel removal solution iPowerCube-M, that  provides 10 kW-level power supply capability and applies to residential scenarios (such as apartments with no/poor mains power supply and rural villas) and industrial and commercial scenarios (such as shops, restaurants, and business outlets). Compared with the traditional solution with combined gasoline generator and batteries, Huawei iPowerCube-M solution features more flexible deployment, ultra-quiet design, higher reliability, and lower LCOE.

Besides these, Huawei also announced that it is extending its business partnership with Greek firm MYTILINEOS globally, signing a memorandum of cooperation regarding the supply of Huawei string inverters, for PV plants including but not limited to the UK, UzbekistanSpain and Cyprus

Huawei also had news on the quality front, with its Huawei smart string energy storage system (ESS) for residential use, the LUNA2000, receiving 2PfG 2511 and VDE-AR-E 2510-50 certificates from TUV Rheinland, a Germany-based testing and certification service provider. Li Weichun, Global Head of Power Electronics Business Segment and General Manager of Greater China Solar & Commercial Products at TUV Rheinland and Zhou Tao, Vice President of Huawei Smart PV, were present at the award ceremony.

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