HOP Electric Mobility Launches Two New E-Scooters

HOP Electric Mobility Launches Two New E-Scooters

A Rajasthan-based HOP Electric Mobility has announced the launch of its two brand new (electric) e-scooters HOP LEO and HOP LYF priced at Rs. 72,500 and Rs. 62,000 onwards, respectively. The electric automobile startup has also announced that soon it will be launching an e-motorbike too. 

HOP Electric has taken this step while aiming to provide a sustainable and efficient mode of transport, the brand will offer e-vehicles as automotive solutions for the modern world. Hence, to address the nation’s growing demand for electric vehicles (EVs), the EV startup is gearing up to launch at least 5 EV solutions b


y the end of this financial year. 

New e-scooter HOP LEO (Rs. 72,500 onwards) – This e-scooter HOP Leo is offered in three variants — LEO Basic, LEO, and LEO Extended. The product can gear up a top speed up to 60 km per hour. With a dual 2X Li-ion battery, the scooter is capable of going up to 125 km range on a single charge. The electric motor of LEO Extended can produce mechanical power up to 2700W in a single go.

HOP LYFWhile another masterpiece, HOP LYF (Rs. 65,500 onwards) also available in three variants including LYF Basic, LYF, and LYF Extended. Like HOP LEO, the LYF model offers a 125 km range per charge with a dual 2X Li-ion battery. The e-scooter comes with a top speed of up to 50 km per hour. The electric motor of LYF Extended can produce mechanical power up to 2000W.

Additional bonus features of HOP LEO and HOP LYF include park assist, reverse gear up to 5kmph, side stand sensor, three ride modes with reserve mode, LED console, dual disc brakes, USB charging, remote key, anti-theft alarm, and anti-theft wheel lock. 

HOP Electric claims that it is also allowing its customers to add on additional accessories such as internet and GPS connectivity. These electric two-wheelers are cost-effective as the price starts from just INR 65,500/-.

HOP’s 40,000 square feet long manufacturing unit in Jaipur is furnished to manufacture 50,000 vehicles per year, expandable up to 1 lakh units. By the year 2022, the startup is planning to set up a new manufacturing unit in South India, which will have the capacity to produce a minimum of 5 lakh units per year.

Speaking of their brand establishment, HOP’s CEO, Mr. Ketan Mehta, stated, “Since most millennials and Gen Z individuals are now preferring sustainable yet convenient modes of transportation, these new product offerings will revolutionize the Indian e-mobility space. After months of R&D, our experts have furnished these two models with premium features and commendable battery range.” 

“We foresee hypergrowth in the e-mobility space and are looking forward to adding more products to our portfolio, Ketan added. 

Sharing its future plans with Saur Energy, HOP said that it is also planning to launch an e-bike, HOP OXO 100, which is slated to offer a 100km range on a single charge. The e-bike will provide a top speed of 100 km per hour with a motor power of 7200W.

Not only EV manufacturing, but the company is also planning to come up with a first EV charging segment, called the Hop Energy Network. It will have built-in battery swapping cum charging stations where the customer will be able to replace their discharged battery with a fully charged battery in just 30 seconds. Hop’s energy network started taking up the shape as the testing continued. In January 2021, Hop’s pilot network with 5 Swapping stations and 50 Batteries started operation in Jaipur.

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