H24US Drives the Science of Hydrogen Separation

H24US Drives the Science of Hydrogen Separation

H24US has announced that its advanced polymer membrane technology has the best-known observed performance in selecting hydrogen (selectivity) from other gases with very high throughput (permeability) indicating that this technology is one of the current leaders in this field. This outstanding performance was contrasted to other membranes via direct comparison of published data in an exhaustive literature search. The H24US process, called H2PrimeEnergy, uses certain specialised materials and proprietary processing steps.

Clean hydrogen, also known as Green hydrogen, “can be transported via pipes or trucks as a liquid or gas, similar to oil and natural gas. When used in fuel cells, hydrogen delivers enough energy per kilogram to rival jet fuel. And when sustainable sources like solar or wind are used to generate hydrogen through electrolysis — the process of splitting water (H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen — the result is an infinitely renewable zero-carbon energy source,” the firm stated.

Blending hydrogen into the existing natural gas infrastructure has national and regional benefits for energy storage, resiliency, and emissions reductions. Hydrogen produced from renewable, nuclear, or other resources can be injected into natural gas pipelines with the blend used by conventional natural gas customers to generate power and heat.

The Hydrogen Council has stated that Green hydrogen production prices are dropping faster than previously expected, with optimal operations beginning to achieve price parity (with fossil based grey hydrogen) by 2030 even without carbon taxes on the grey hydrogen. Per Bank of America, the global hydrogen energy market is at a ‘tipping point’ with USD 11 trillion market set to explode.

H24US President Mike Rocke revealed that, “The new technology has created a cost-effective solution for selecting hydrogen out of gas mixtures that are produced from multiple sources. The H24US membrane does not use expensive precious metals in its manufacture. H2PrimeEnergy™ technology is a key to overcoming excessive cost issues now blocking acceptance of green hydrogen as the future of clean, zero carbon energy.”

H24US Corp has filed for two US patents on its unique technology and has been self-funded by the founders since inception. It is currently seeking additional investment/partners to build out the company’s hydrogen membrane and hardware production volume manufacturing.

The firm produces low-cost, high-performance membrane for separating hydrogen from multicomponent gas streams. These inexpensive membranes can be used for splitting hydrogen from other gases, and for hydrogen purification. This technology will facilitate hydrogen distribution via existing infrastructure by inserting low concentrations (up to 20 percent) of hydrogen to natural gas in existing pipelines and then using H2PrimeEnergy units for deblending the hydrogen at the customers’ site.

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