Greenam Energy Installs Its 1st Floating Solar Plant at Tuticorin

Greenam Energy Installs Its 1st Floating Solar Plant at Tuticorin

Greenam Energy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore-based AM International Holdings, has set up its first floating solar power plant at Tuticorin.

Floating Solar Plant

The 24 MW floating solar power plant would be one of its kind and is the first floating renewable energy initiative to optimise energy production in industrial plants, a company statement said. “Greenam Energy will spearhead sustainable and green energy initiatives across the AM International Group by bringing world-class technology and expertise”, said Ashwin Muthiah, AM International Group Founder-Chairman. Mr Muthiah laid the foundation stone on Monday for the power plant, which he affirms will lead to significant energy savings.

“This project, one of the latest floating solar power plants in India, is a milestone in our attempts to promote the usage of renewable energy sources”, he said. The floating solar power plants would be one of the country’s most significant projects with technology comparable to the best in the world, he claimed in the statement.

Greenam Energy said floating solar plants were gaining popularity across the country as no land was required for construction The water beneath keeps the panels cool and boosts efficiency, providing mechanical leverage, the company said. The plant would be located at the premises of the SPIC Tuticorin factory.

EDACE Engineering, a group company of SPIC, is undertaking the construction of the solar power plant.

“Various state governments and corporations are turning to solar power in a bid to reduce their dependence on coal for electricity generation. The tropical climate of southern India and availability of water bodies provide ideal opportunities for the construction of floating solar power plants,” Greenam said.

“We believe that the key to a sustainable future lies in effectively harnessing green energies. We continue in our efforts to employ new technologies and reduce carbon footprint,” Muthiah, who laid the foundation stone for the project, said.

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