Govt Looking to Fast Track the Kutch Hybrid Power Project

The Kutch hybrid energy project will generate 41.5 GW power and is high on the agenda of the Prime Minister’s Office and the state government as well.

The state government of Gujarat working in collaboration with the Central Government, has decided to expedite the process of land acquisition for renewable energy projects – as both the government’s look to fast track the ambitious Kutch Hybrid Energy Park project. The solar and wind energy park, which on completion is expected to generate close to 41.5 GW of renewable power is high on the agenda of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), and now the state government as well.

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According to a report by TNN, it is believed that 60,000 hectares of land will be allocated for the project in one go. And the PMO has given the deadline of 2022 for completion of the project, which has been running more than two years behind schedule.

This is one of the select projects of national importance that the PM reviews at his monthly PRAGATI (Pro-Active Governance and Timely Implementation) system. There is a strong buzz in the secretariat that PM Modi could lay the foundation stone for the Kutch hybrid renewable energy park during his likely visit to Gujarat either in September or in October.

The government has decided to expedite the land allocation process for the proposed renewable energy park in Kutch, and will look to allocate around 60,000 hectares of land in one go. It also believed that the land allocation plans for five major companies have been approved, and the draft allocation plan has been forwarded to the state cabinet for approval. There are expected to be no more delays in the approvals for the plans.

Sources also believe that the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) and NTPC are expected to be allocated land for approximately 28,000 MW capacity of projects. With SECI getting 23,000 MW, and NTPC the remaining 5,000 MW. Both the firms will soon look to tender for the allocated land and capacity to seek project developers.

When complete the project will be the biggest renewable energy park in Gujarat and India and probably even the biggest in the world. The state cabinet is expected to give its final nod to the project shortly.

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