Gautam Solar launches G-2X Mono Solar Panels with Dual Power Generation

Highlights :

  • In Rooftop & Ground Mounted Solar Power Plants the power generation gains from the back side of the module are additional 10%- 30%.
  • Gautam Solar says that the technology, scale of operations and reliability like features keeps the new panel different in the market.
Gautam Solar launches G-2X Mono Solar Panels with Dual Power Generation Gautam Solar's Solar Modules that Promise Lower Installation Cost for Developers & EPC

Solar Module Manufacturer Gautam Solar has launched G-2X Mono crystalline series of Solar Panels upto 566 Wp. The G-2X module is a bifacial module  offering generation possibilities that are well above existing claims. Gautam Solar informs us that by generating power from both front and back of the module and the dual power generation module is ideal for use in Rooftop & Ground Mounted Solar Power plants, where in the same available land area, the power generation gains from back side are additional 10%- 30%. The combined front and back efficiency of solar modules goes upto 25.72%.

Bifacial Module

The G-2X Module

Gautam Solar says that the panels use A+ grade of Bi-Facial Mono Perc Cells, High Quality transparent backsheet, split junction boxes and highest grade of stringent quality checked raw materials. The module manufacturer also adds that the technology, scale of operations, and reliability like features keeps it different in the market. It is also a welcome domestic option for the Indian market, where most of the firms in the ALMM list are not yet into Bifacial manufacturing.

The company says that the G-2X Mono Series will reduce BOS & Installation costs and will offer a higher power generation of upto 30% in the same available area for solar power plant customers. This is ideal for MW Scale solar plants, where maximum power generation per unit of land area is a very important determinant for the success of the project.

Gautam Mohanka, Managing Director, Gautam Solar, says, “Energy & reducing dependency on coal has become extremely important especially in today’s time of Russia – Ukraine war. We strongly believe that our launch of G-2X Dual Generation Module with end to end manufacturing will push solar innovation further in India.”

The over 25+ year old Gautam Solar is led by technocrats, with deep experience in the Indian solar industry. The company says that it has the highest number of patented solar products that are ready for sale and has a current manufacturing capacity of 250 MW. It has announced plans to expand capacity to over 1 GW in the future, where it expects to share more details soon.

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