Gautam Solar Upgrades Solar Pump Controllers, RMUs for Solar Systems

Gautam Solar Upgrades Solar Pump Controllers, RMUs for Solar Systems

Solar manufacturer Gautam Solar has announced an upgrade of its solar pump controllers & remote monitoring units for solar PV systems.

The company claims the following:

  • The Solar Pump Controllers have homegrown Variable Frequency Drives & Remote Monitoring Units tuned for 1 – 10 HP of solar pumps (DC / AC & Surface / Submersible).
  • The Solar Pump Controller converts the DC voltage of the SPV array into a suitable DC or AC, single or multi- phase power includes MPPT, remote monitoring, and protection devices.
  •  The Remote Monitoring Unit (RMU) for Solar pumps works on MQTT protocol and monitors Solar system performance, Pump performance, RMS performance and Geo location.

“It is our greatest pleasure to announce the launch of 2nd generation of Gautam Solar pump controllers, which come with MPPT, Remote Monitoring, & Protection Devices. It is very important because 10% of KUSUM project’s payment is linked to live integration of RMU. We are delighted to announce that greater than 95% of Gautam Solar’s RMUs are integrated live on the PM-Kusum Portal, which is the highest in the industry. This ensures that the cash flows of Solar Pump system Integrators working in Government projects are very smooth, thus enabling them to do sizeable no. of solar pumps,” said Gautam Mohanka, CEO of Gautam Solar.

The company recently announced expansion of its module mounting structures by 10 times, from 50 to 500 metric tons per month. It stated that the unit will produce SMM structures for solar pumps, solar power plants (utility scale & rooftops) along with structures for solar street lights, and high masts.

“A key point is that the components used inside the Solar Pump Controller uses indigenously developed Surge Protection Devices & Antenna, designed specifically to be used in Remote areas of India where these Solar Pumps are getting installed. We are proud to present these products that have been researched, developed, and manufactured at our unit. All our new launches have been tested and approved per MNRE (Ministry of New & Renewable Energy) standards by Govt. of India Authorised Labs. Not to forget, these products are compatible with all Solar Motor Pumps in India, including Gautam Solar Motor Pumps” Mohanka added.

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