Solar In Talks

In conversation with Shourrya Sachdeva, Assistant Manager- Marcom, Su-Kam

The technology-driven company Su-Kam has new products in the offing as demand for renewable energy, particularly rooftop solar power systems, take off. Shourrya Sachdeva,Assistant Manager- Marcom, Su-Kam takes us through the product portfolio and shares company’s strategies to befit in the Indian market.

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Solar Business Is Very Viable and Green: Kartik Sachdev, Marketing Head Solar- Su-Kam

Kartik Sachdev, Marketing Head Solar- Su-Kam talking to Saurenergy shared insight on solar Industry in India. He said the solar business is very green and economically viable, it is getting very good response in the country. Sachdev said solar has very beautiful application in rural India where there is no electricity, in those areas solar […]

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Solar Urja Expo 2016

Solar Urjja Expo concluded recently on 10th April where major players like Su-Kam, Luminous,Tata Power Solar, Sedna Energy congregated to showcase their solar products. The expo was organized by Urja Samiti by the support of MNRE, SESI, IREDA and HAREDA.

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