Sungrow Opens DC Fast Charging Station Across Locations In Europe

Highlights :

  • Sungrow, deployed and operationalized the charging system across multiple countries and regions, including France, Germany, Bulgaria, and beyond.
Sungrow Opens DC Fast Charging Station Across Locations In Europe Sungrow Opens Integr. DC Fast Charging Station Across Mult Locations

Sungrow, a clean energy solution firm, has announced the IDC180E Integrated DC Fast Charging Station. Since its launch, the IDC180E has been deployed and is operational across multiple countries and regions, including France, Germany, Bulgaria, and beyond. It represented a shift in electric vehicle (EV) charging technology, the IDC180E redefined standards with its innovative features and unparalleled performance.

In contrast to traditional chargers that rely on direct ventilation, leaving essential components vulnerable to dust, salt spray and moisture, the IDC180E introduces a groundbreaking integrated design. Core modules, including the control and power units, are enclosed within a sealed cabinet. By employing an independent air-cooling design, it achieves a perfect balance between IP65-grade protection and effective heat dissipation. This ensures superior defense against environmental elements while optimizing heat dissipation efficiency, resulting in unparalleled reliability, maintenance-free operation, and minimal noise emissions.

Reliability: Crafted to excel even in the harshest environments, the IDC180E proudly features IP65-rated dust and water resistance, complemented by C5 corrosion resistance. Its internal electronic components are fully sealed, effectively shielding them from external moisture and dust infiltration, instilling confidence in Sungrow to offer an IDC180E standard product warranty of 3 years which can be extended up to 10 years. Moreover, the incorporation of air cooling for heat dissipation eradicates any risk of liquid leakage, enhancing operational security.

Easy Maintenance: The IDC180E integrates an innovative cooling heat dissipation design, eliminating dustproof cotton at the air intake and outlet. This strategic decision negates the requirement for frequent on-site dust removal, diminishing the necessity for manual intervention and yielding significant cost savings on maintenance. The efficient heat dissipation achieved through this design prolongs the lifespan of electronic components, ensuring long-term reliability and cost-effectiveness. Consequently, users can relish a worry-free operational experience.

Low Noise: Operating without a large cooling fan, the IDC180E maintains a noise level below 60dB at full load, delivering a quiet and seamless charging experience.

Sungrow IDC180E has earned widespread acclaim for its exceptional performance and reliability. Notably, at Voltaik Check OHG in Moormerland, Germany, the IDC180E demonstrated remarkable reliability and performance, even enduring continuous heavy rainfall. This solidifies its status as a robust charging solution, suitable for a diverse array of applications, from urban centers to remote locations.

The integrated technology of the IDC180E represents a significant advancement in EV charging infrastructure, combining reliability, efficiency, and user-friendliness to meet the evolving needs of the market. As a pioneer in integrated charging technology, Sungrow EV Charging remains committed to innovation and sustainability. By investing in research and development, Sungrow aims to advance the adoption of integrated charging solutions, delivering greater value to operators and users while promoting green transportation worldwide.

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