EV Producer Komaki Launches Three New Electric Two Wheelers

EV Producer Komaki Launches Three New Electric Two Wheelers

The manufacturer of Electric Vehicles (EV), Komaki EV Division of KLB Komaki is launching three new electric two-wheelers (E2Ws) in the Country. New launches include TN-95, SE Hi-Speed scooters, and M5 electric bikes, ranging from Rs 98,000 and Rs 96,000, and Rs 99,000 respectively.

KLB Komaki has ventured into the EV business since 2016 that includes E-Rickshaw, E-Scooty & E-Loader. Komaki’s infrastructural unit is based in Thrissur, Kerela, and Kapashera, Delhi, having offices and warehouses in Delhi NCR.

The N-95 model of Hi-Speed Scooter is a 125cc class E2Ws with superior performance coming with Li-Ion battery giving a driving range of 80 Km/hr to 100 Km/hr. The battery consumption is 1.5 units/charge. Komaki’s iQ System pushes the riding info to the colorful smart dash, it also automatically updates with new advanced features wirelessly. It has a Synchronized Braking System (SBS) combined with sized-up BIS Wheels. TN 95 is India’s first family scooter. Its large size with special seating arrangement and numerous safety features make it the safest and most advanced E2W in India.

The SE model is the second high-speed electric scooter coming in four vibrant colors, including solid blue, metallic gold, jet black, and garnet red. SE E2Ws offers a driving range of about 100 to 120 km on a single charge. It also has disc brakes at the front and rear. Komaki has designed SE to appeal across all age groups and has features like parking and reverse assist, cruise control, self-diagnosis, and a full-color display.

Komaki M5 E-BikeHowever, the M5 E-bike comes with a detachable lithium-ion battery having a driving range of 100 to 120 km in a single charge. The E-bike will be available in the market in gold and silver color and has a youth-friendly design.

All Komaki vehicles are ICAT approved which ensures the best quality and safety control. Additionally, Komaki provides customized EVs according to customer’s needs to achieve effective prices compared to the market prices.

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