Czech Auto Major Skoda Runs Dealership on 2nd Life Lithium Ion Batteries

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  •  Recycling EV batteries is an integral part of the EV supply chain, and a carmaker using them to run its dealership sounds good.
  • Primary producers in fact need to lead in terms of recycling batteries as far as possible.
Czech Auto Major Skoda Runs Dealership on 2nd Life Lithium Ion Batteries

Skoda, the Czech automobile manufacturer is powering its dealerships in Prague using power generated through second-life lithium-ion batteries from its PHEVs and BEV models.

It has announced plans to install power hubs made from its own old electric vehicle (EV) batteries, across its retailer network around the country. This comes under a partnership of Skoda with a Czech-based technology company, IBG Cesko. The possibilities of using used automobile batteries for electric vehicles as storage options have been extensively considered, and declared viable. Not only do these second-life batteries get extended life, but with the relatively stable requirements of power storage at locations, they do not degrade much also. Typically, batteries operating at up to 80 % efficiency can be recycled thus.

Batteries to Power Multiple Applications 

After installation, these power hubs will be powering Skoda’s showrooms, workshop buildings, and the charging infrastructure for customer cars.

The power hubs are set to be present across more European venues at select Skoda dealerships as Skoda has completed its pilot project in Prague. The firm has also gained 160 pre-orders for the power hubs from its dealers in Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, and Slovakia.

Skoda has reportedly claimed that the power hubs can absorb up to 20 second-life batteries from various Skoda PHEV models (Superb iV and Octavia iV) or five batteries from its fully electric Enyaq iV. This enables the system to store a total capacity of 328 kWh, which can be used to fast-charge customer vehicles by up to 150 kW.

Ability To Work at Full Power 

The electricity generated by these power hubs can be used at full power, independent of the weather and the current load on the power grid. Also, it can be calibrated up or down, by replacing the batteries according to the power requirements. The power generated can also be used to run air-conditioners as well.

According to the estimations of the firm, these batteries can add on a lifetime of 15 additional years to these power hubs. At the end of its ‘second-life, Skoda will recycle the cells in a controlled process, with the recovered materials used to create new batteries, the firm informed.

Even in India, Skoda India was an early mover in the auto sector, going for a 980 kW solar carport at its plant in Aurangabad. MG Motor India has also tied up with the Noida-based Attero to recycle EV batteries. Attero provides a range of recycling, refurbishing, retail, and reverse logistics solutions to help organizations minimize their electronic waste.

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