Site Incharge/Deputy Site Incharge Self O&M_AM

ReNew Power Limited

  • India
Site Incharge/Deputy Site Incharge Self O&M_AM
Job Posted : Apr 16th, 2024

Job Description

The Wind turbine Engineer/Technician will act as part of team to achieve safe and efficient Operation and Maintenance of WTG. To attend the breakdown calls & to ensure the smooth operation of the WPP. To share ownership of WECs along with PM team for execution of PM as per stipulated Schedules. The Wind Technician will reports directly to the Section In charge and indirectly to the Site In charge. Responsible for performing all 24 x 7 Operation of WTGs, preventive, scheduled, and unscheduled maintenance on WTGs in safe and efficient manner. Also responsible for all site related activities such as Safety Management, Documentation, Material management etc.

Specific Responsibilities:-

  • Online monitoring & operation of WEC’s, & associated windfarm componentry.
  • Undertake breakdown maintenance, document & maintain the service reports.
  • Perform monthly checks on the external electric windfarm componentry.
  • Undertake, document & maintain the Daily generation readings – machine wise &

EB meter wise:-

  • Uploading of productivity performance data on SAP/DGR Portal
  • Uploading of routine service data / service orders on SAP periodically
  • Electric retrofitting’s of hardware & software updating time to time.
  • Support & undertake the need based special measurements – blade angle

Measurements, dynamic balancing, backlash measurements, etc:-

  • Customer interface & communication through routine & need based reports.
  • MIS – windfarm performance analysis, fault analysis, monthly MNES reporting.
  • Liaising with electrical utilities for monthly joint readings, submissions to EB

Offices & interactions to ensure better external grid availability:-

  • Periodic electrical inspection, metering & calibration.
  • Share the PM of the designated / allotted WECs.
  • Follow all assigned Environmental, Health and Safety procedures
  • To associate during quality and inspections audits towards learning on the job.
  • To report on completion of the identified issues during WTG Health Audits.
  • To raise requisition for unplanned / pending work related materials with SCM.
  • To take the corrective action on defects.
  • To support routine operation team during high wind times for O & M of WEC.


  • MA and IGA
  • MTBF and MTTR as per Target
  • LPF, RkVH, Line Loss
  • Analysis of frequently occurring Fault/warnings in WTG
  • 100 % Adherence to allotted  schedule services
  • 100 % Compliance to Safety Policies
  • WTG Health Audit on Sample Basis as per target
  • Special and Development Activities as per Directives
  • Kaizen and 5S Initiatives at site.
  • Qualitative Improvement of the Windfarm


  • India.

Company Overview:-

ReNew Power, founded by Mr. Sumant Sinha, in 2011, is the leading renewable energy company in India and 10th largest in terms of operational capacity, globally. A Nasdaq listed company under ticker RNW; ReNew develops, builds, owns, and operates utility-scale wind energy projects, utility-scale solar energy projects, utility-scale firm power projects, and distributed solar energy projects. With a total capacity of more than 10GW (including projects in pipeline), ReNew Power’s solar and wind energy projects are spread across 110+ sites, with a presence spanning 8 states in India, contributing to 1.4% of India’s power capacity. Consequently, this has helped to avoid 0.5% of India’s total carbon emissions and 1.1% India’s total power sector emissions. In 10 years of its operation, ReNew Power has generated almost 1 lakh jobs, directly and indirectly.