Author: Prasanna Singh

CERC Finally Restarts, Will APTEL Pick Pace Now?

With the Supreme Court yesterday  allowing the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) to resume administrative operations, the stage is finally set for a semblance of normality to return to some of the highest dispute resolution bodies in the Indian power sector. While the CERC was effectively shut down by the SC since August last year, […]

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Power Insights from China For 2020-Surge for Wind, Solar, Consumption Up 3.1%

On January 19, China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) released data on electricity consumption for the full year (2020). And the numbers are surprising, in more ways than one. The big surprise of 2020 was the newly installed capacity of power sources. At 190.87 million kilowatts, these included 13.23 million kilowatts of hydropower, 71.67 million kilowatts […]

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Oxford University Study Predicts 10% Renewable Share in Africa By 2030

Africa, which has for some time now carried the tag of ‘promising‘ for non hydro renewable energy, might yet be the continent with the lowest share of non hydro renewable energy by 2030. Even as some countries within the continent will break away from the rest to have a much more robust  contribution from solar […]

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Bengal Finally Opens Up Net Metering For Homes, With 5 KW Limit

West Bengal, a perennial laggard on the renewable energy front, and a huge defender of coal fired energy to boot, has finally started taking its first tentative steps towards more renewable energy. The West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission (WBERC) has finally allowed net metering for individual households from 1 KW, upto a limit of 5 […]

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Engie, Neoen in Pact for 1 GW Integrated Renewable Project in France

French energy majors Engie and Neoen are collaborating to construct a 1 GW solar and storage project in south-west France. French energy majors Engie and Neoen are collaborating to construct a 1 GW solar and storage project in south-west France. While Engie is an established Euro 60 billion giant, Neoen is a relatively new specialist […]

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2021: Counting On PSU’s To Flex Solar Muscles

Just 5 years ago, if you had looked around at India’s largest energy public sector firms or PSU’s, be they energy producers or consumers, you would have struggled to see ambition, when it came to their renewable energy plans. However, more has changed in the preceding 5 years than any 5 year plan devised by […]

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Blown: How India Lost The Solar Rooftop Battle

Back in 2015, when India declared its renewable energy target of 175GW for 2022, with 100 GW as the share of solar power, the euphoria over the sheer ambition papered over a lot of questions. For not only was this target truly ambitious, but to many, it finally declared the government’s resolve to break away […]

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Can ATUM Bridge The Rooftop Solar Gap for India?

For Hyderabad based Visaka Industries, an established firm (Rs 1057 crore revenues in 2019-20) in the construction sector with multiple product lines ranging from corrugated cement sheets, fibre cement boards, and manmade yarn, the move into Hybrid solar roofs might be the most transformational yet. Not only does the new venture mark its entry into […]

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Andhra Pradesh’s 6400 MW Solar Bid Challenged By Tata Power

Tata Power Renewable Energy has managed to get a stay from the Andhra Pradesh High Court on the massive 6,400 MW ultra mega solar project. The project was being projected by the state government  as a clear sign of its recovery from the disputes it created with developers and its ability to draw investor interest […]

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