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Goa Energy Development Agency Invites Public Suggestions on Draft Solar Power Policy

Suggestions on Draft Solar Power Policy will be compiled by GEDA and submitted to the government, which will then consider incorporating them after taking into consideration the financial implications for each. The Goa Energy Development Agency (GEDA) has received around 10 suggestions on the draft solar policy during the 10 days to receive public comments. […]

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State Government of Goa Urges Industries to Adopt Solar Power

The Industrialists in Goa were given a detailed presentation on technical and commercial aspects of the solar power installations and maintenance. In a bid to promote solar power generation in Goa, the state government of Goa has urged industrial estates to adopt solar power technology, which would help bring down costs for industrialists. Speaking at […]

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Maharashtra Solar Energy Policy

OBJECTIVE As per Industries, Energy and Labour Department under the Grid connected Power Projects based on New and Renewable (Nonconventional) Energy Sources – 2015 policy solar power projects of 7500MW capacity will be developed of which, a total of 2500MW capacity solar power projects will be developed by MAHAGENECO in public Private Partnership (PPA) mode […]

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Kerala Solar Energy Policy

OBJECTIVE Objective of the state solar policy include:- Increase the installed capacity of the solar sector in the State to 500MW by 2017 and 2500 MW by 2030. Contribute to long term energy security of the State of Kerala as well as ecological security by reduction in carbon emission. Adopt a multi-pronged approach in targeting […]

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West Bengal Solar Energy Policy

TARGET As per MNRE there is a target to harness 5336 MW of solar power through grid connected projects and through rooftop in the state. LAND ALLOTMENT Government land, if available, permission for use will be given for 30 years or the project life whichever is less. Land to be allocated and transferred to WBGEDCL, […]

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Jharkhand Solar Energy Policy

OBJECTIVE The objectives of the Policy are as follows To encourage participation of private sector to set up solar power based projects in the state & increase solar power generation to 2650MW by the year 2020in a phased manner. To build favourable atmosphere for setting up solar power projects. Ensure energy security of the state […]

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Haryana Solar Energy Policy

OBJECTIVE The objectives of this policy are to: To promote generation of green and clean power in the State using solar energy. To create conditions conducive to the participation of private and public sector as well as PPP in the promotion and setting up of up Solar Energy based power projects in the State. Productive […]

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Chhattisgarh Solar Energy Policy

OBJECTIVE To encourage, develop and promote solar power generation in the State with a view to meet the growing demand for power in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner. To enhance the private sector participation in solar power generation. To create a favorable environment for development of solar manufacturing capabilities within the State. To contribute […]

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Jammu and Kashmir Solar Energy Policy

OBJECTIVE The State Government introduced the Solar Power Policy with the following objectives: Promoting generation of green and clean power in the State using Solar Energy. To meet the targets to be achieved country-wide under JNNSM. To put in place an appropriate investment climate, that could leverage the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Productive use of […]

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