zinc air battery

e-Zinc, Toyota Tsusho to develop pilot zinc-air battery project

e-Zinc has announced that it has entered into a collaboration for a pilot project with Toyota Tsusho Canada Inc. (TTCI) to further test and validate how commercial scale e-Zinc energy storage systems can reliably provide long-duration energy storage. e-Zinc claims to be enabling sustainable, long-duration energy storage with its zinc-air battery. The new project by […]

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Zinc–air Battery Technology By IIT Madras Hopes to Challenge Lithium-Ion ones

Researchers at IIT Madras are in the process of developing a new kind of zinc – air battery technology for electric vehicles that can prove to be a strong alternative to lithium-ion ones. A key feature of the zinc – air battery is that it could be charged mechanically. However, actual details of the technology […]

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All About Metal-Air Batteries

Metal-air batteries are an attractive technology. They are safer and have a higher energy density than other types of batteries. The application of air as a cathode helps in lowering the cost and the weight considerably. The utilization of cheap metals as an anode further assists in lowering the cost. A metal-air battery functions in […]

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