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5 Ways Lower Storage Costs Will Affect Solar Deployment

Ever since 2015, when solar started being added at scale every year, all stakeholders have known the biggest challenge it will ultimately face. Intermittency. Or more simply, what to do when the sun goes down. That is why cheap and efficient storage has been considered almost like the golden key that will unlock solar possibilities […]

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Top 5 Technologies Set To Make An Impact In Solar Deployment

Solar has gone through a lot of changes in the past decade, going from barely viable to a technology that looks to be the future of energy generation. With that in mind, let’s have a look at the top 5 technologies that will play key roles in improving solar going into the future. Silicon heterojunction […]

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Top 5 Countries With The Fastest Increase In Solar Capacity In 2023

As 2023 comes to an end and 2024 is upon is, it could be considered an interesting exercise in retrospect to look upon the countries that shone in terms of adding solar capacity in the past year, leading the rest of us into the future. Here are the top 5 countries with the fastest increase […]

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Airloom Promises To Slash Wind Power Costs, Attracts Investment From Bill Gates

Bill Gates has backed Airloom Energy, a Wyoming-based wind energy startup, which claims to have created a technology which claims to slash wind turbine costs by nearly 70%. Founded by Robert Lumley, Airloom is led by Neal Rickner, who has also spent time (nearly a decade) at Google and Google[x] leading teams, most notably serving […]

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Could These Be Solar’s 5 Biggest Threats?

Solar has had a lot of time in the limelight, from being heralded as the energy source of the future to being the number 1 pick for home installation. However, a few other sources of energy have slipped under the radar and we’re here to talk about them for their potential to disrupt the rise […]

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1 Terawatt and Beyond: Solar Energy’s Unstoppable Rise and What Lies Ahead

Solar has come a long way in the last few years, from over 100,000 megawatts in 2012 to one terawatt now (1 terawatt is 1 million megawatts). So, what spurred this development? What were the factors that facilitated the achievement of this feat? We’ll be going over humanity’s journey to 1 TW of installed capacity […]

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