wind turbine blades

EoLo-Hubs Aimed at Recycling High Value Materials from Wind Turbine Blades

EoLO-HUBs project, co-funded by the EU with 10 million euros, has been started by 18 consortium partners from seven countries. The project looks at an innovative sustainable solution to recover high-value composite materials from wind turbine blades by developing a set of advanced recycling technologies. Wind turbines are made of a combination of various materials, like […]

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IIT Mandi Recycles Polymers with Microwaves, Makes Wind Turbine Blades

To quickly and sustainably produce wind turbine blades, researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi, have employed microwaves to recycle polymer composites. Compared to the alternatives now in use, such as landfills and thermal-based recycling, the institute said that this method is quick and sustainable. The Journal of Resources, Conservation and Recycling has published […]

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Vestas Partners with LM Wind Power for V172-7.2 MW Wind Turbine Blades

Danish manufacturer, seller, installer, and servicer of wind turbines, Vestas has announced that it has signed an agreement with LM Wind Power – a leading manufacturer of wind turbine blades in Denmark – to develop the wind energy supply chain and scale renewables efficiently for the global energy transition. Within the agreement includes designing and […]

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