Top Automakers in Japan, India Lag in EV Transition: Report

A latest report from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) claimed that the top automobile companies in Japan and India are lagging behind in transitioning from a fossil-fuel-based regime to an Electric Vehicle (EV)-based market.  The report evaluated automakers on their performance and strategy across a set of measures related to their current position in the […]

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Lithium Price Surge Leaves Car Makers Comparing LFP with NCM batteries

Steep rises in battery raw materials prices since the start of 2021 have favoured a faster shift to LFP batteries for electric vehicles, over NMC batteries. Cobalt and Lithium for example have become dearer by 70% and 700% respectively. The lowest-cost pack has always been lithium-iron-phosphate, or LFP, the preferred choice of Tesla, Volkswagon and […]

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