University of Sheffield

9 European Countries Collaborate on European Solar Telescope

As many as nine European countries, including the UK, are working together to construct the European Solar Telescope (EST). The EST will be the biggest of its kind solar telescope ever constructed in Europe. It is intended to provide insights into the phenomena of space weather. Several UK universities are leading a consortium to develop […]

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UK Study shows storing Perovskite Materials at Low Temp extends lifespan

In a paper published this year, researchers at the University of Sheffield, UK, describe a novel method to add three to four more months to the average lifespan of perovskite materials, thereby throwing light on new ways to cut down wastage in the manufacture of solar cell technologies. Entitled Perovskites on Ice: An Additive-Free Approach to […]

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New 3D Solar Cell Design Could Revolutionise PV Manufacturing

The innovative 3D design removes many of the manufacturing process steps required by existing photovoltaics (PV) modules An innovative 3D solar-cell design with a radically different architecture that can drive down the costs of cell manufacture may define the future of renewable energy as it potentially reduces optical losses within a device, according to UK […]

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