Sustainable Solvent Platform for Photon Upconversion Increases Solar Utilization Efficiency

In an effort to obtain a solution to this problem and make solar energy conversion more efficient, the process of converting photons with lower energies into ones with higher energies, called photon upconversion, was developed. The conversion of solar energy into electricity is currently restricted by a concept known as the Shockley-Quesser limit. This limitation […]

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Kyocera, Gaia Power, Kyudenko and Tokyo Century Announce Groundbreaking of 92MW Solar PV Project in Japan

Kyocera, Gaia Power, Kyudenko and Tokyo Century have formed a joint venture, Kanoya Osaki Solar Hills, and will together construct a 92 MW solar PV project at Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan, spanning across approximately 494 acres. Kanoya Osaki Solar Hills LLC, a solar power operating company jointly established by the four companies- Kyocera Corporation, K.K. […]

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