Su-Kam UPS

Su-Kam Brainy S 5.5VA/96V UPS

Product Brief Su-Kam Solar presented the world’s first zero change over time solar static UPS- Brainy S 5.5VA/96V at REI 2017. The Brainy-S is the perfect system to run all kinds of sensitive appliances through solar power and mains when connected with Su-Kam’s MPPT or PWM solar charge controller. Product Feature This brilliant product combines […]

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Su-Kam Launches India’s Most Economic Sine Wave UPS

With a transfer time faster than an ordinary UPS, in-built automatic bypass technology and high crest factor, Falcon Eco is perfect for running sensitive appliances like computers and printers. Su-Kam, one of India’s leading companies in power back- up and solar solutions, has launched the country’s most economic pure sine wave UPS, Falcon Eco. This […]

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