Performance-Based Financial Mechanism for MNRE’s CST Scheme: GERMI

A new study has found that MNRE’s off-grid and decentralised CST scheme should have a performance-based financial support mechanism A new study has found that the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy’s (MNRE’s) off-grid and decentralised concentrated solar thermal (CST) scheme should have a performance-based financial support mechanism instead of the capital subsidy that was being provided earlier by […]

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Cleaner air During Lockdown Helped Delhi Generate More Solar Power: Study

Reduction in air pollution in Delhi due to lockdown may have led to more sunlight reaching solar panels, resulting in the production of more clean energy. Based on data collected in Delhi, a team of researchers – majorly from at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston – report that the reduction in air pollution […]

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EVs Emit Less CO2 Than Conventional Vehicles: Study

EVs produce less CO2 than petrol cars across the globe, even if electricity generation involves substantial amounts of fossil fuel, according to a new study Electric vehicles (EVs) produce less carbon dioxide (CO2) than petrol cars across the globe, even if electricity generation involves substantial amounts of fossil fuel, according to a study which projects that in 2050 every second car on the […]

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Co-Located Solar Plus Storage Expected to Dramatically Increase: Study

In conjunction with the Nevada Commission’s approval of the solar plus storage proposal, a new study examines the market for solar-plus-storage resources. In a regulatory order issued on December 4, 2019, the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada approved three “solar-plus-storage” purchase power agreements (PPAs), including one that will be the world’s largest battery project with a capacity of 380 MW/1,416 […]

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Hanergy Launches New Thin-film Solar Powered ‘Humbrella’

The company would donate the first batch of a million RMB (USD 160,000) solar-powered umbrellas, or ‘Humbrellas’, to regions of Africa where electricity shortages routinely prevent children from having enough time for study. In a major move for the global mobile energy industry, Hanergy has launched its new product ‘Humbrella’, a thin-film solar powered umbrella providing clean, free and […]

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India’s Solar Initiative seems already Sunny

India is a home for around 300 million people living with sporadic electricity and also a country which receives the most amount of sunlight in a year. Hence it is said that the solar energy available in the country surpasses the possible energy output of all fossil fuels energy reserves. Solar is the only viable […]

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Researchers Paves Path on Converting Sunlight into Hydrogen

A team of Korean researchers claims to have developed a new type of multilayered (Au NPs/TiO2/Au) photoelectrode that boosts the ability of solar water-splitting to produce hydrogen. The researchers affiliated with UNIST asserts that this special photoelectrode, inspired by the way plants convert sunlight into energy is capable of absorbing visible light from the sun, […]

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Solar Power Tariffs to witness Legitimate Fall – Study

Despite aggressive bidding, debt viability of projects with low execution and counterparty risks — especially those under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission scheme and Solar Park scheme, is likely to remain intact,” said a recent report of India Ratings and Research, or Ind-Ra. Solar power tariffs—which hit a low of Rs 4.34 per unit […]

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