Sterling and Wilson Renewable Energy Ltd

Green Stocks May 27: Waaree, Inox Stocks See A Jump

In the last one day three green stocks recorded jumps in their stock prices. These included Waaree Renewables (5% increase), Inox Wind (5%) and JSW Energy (3.55%). Two other renewable companies also recorded increase in their stock prices. For example Borosil Renewables reported a rise of 2.42 percent in their stock prices while Adani Green […]

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Green Stocks May 24: Waaree, Inox See Highest Rise Of Stock Prices

In the last one day, two out of 12 green stocks witnessed a 5 percent rise in their stock prices. These included–Inox Wind Energy, and Waaree Renewable leading the way with a 5% each. On the other hand, remaining green companies witnessed a decline with Suzlon Energy, taking the hit with 4.99% dip. Other companies […]

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May 23- For a Change Market Plays Catch Up With Green Stocks

On a day when the broader Nifty Index was up almost 1.6%, most green energy stocks trailed market gains. While Waaree Renewable Technologies remained locked into the lower 5% circuit, other EPC players like Sterling and Wilson Renewable also dropped appreciably, while KPI Green managed to hold on to morning gains at close as well. […]

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Green Energy Stocks May 22- Developers Day, As EPC Firms Lose Out

It was a tough day for EPC players listed on the stock markets today, as Waaree Renewable Technologies remained locked at the lower circuit, and was joined by Shakti Pumps as well. Seeing a reversal was also Sterling and Wilson Renewable Energy, while KPI Green managed to escape with a relatively lower price drop. What […]

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Are Green Stocks Struggling To Meet High Expectations

On a day when heatwaves across the country and soaring power demand indicates a hot summer ahead, the focus was clearly on coal stocks, and not green energy stocks today. Consider how despite a dropping share of generation capacity, thermal’s share of actual generation has only been climbing, with power plants set to enjoy their […]

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Green Stocks May 17: Shakti Pumps Sees Jump In Largest Stock Prices

Shakti Pumps remained the largest beneficiary today in terms of the rise in stock prices among the green stocks. The Indore-based company reported a five percent surge in its stock price. Sterling and Wilson reported the second-highest surge in its stock price if 3.71%. Company name Closing Price On May 16 Closing Price on May […]

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Green Stocks May 16: Inox Wind, Sterling & Wilson Stock Prices Up

In the last one day five out of 11 green stocks reported an increase in their stock prices. The highest jump in prices stock prices was reported in the stock prices of Inox Wind. The Indian wind energy firm reported a rise of 5 percent in its stock prices. Other green companies reported a minor […]

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May 15- Green Stocks Continue To Enjoy Investor Confidence

On a day when the broader market struggled to make a decisive move, green energy stocks in our basket had no such problems, with 9 out of 11 racing away yet again. While Waaree Renewable Technologies made its by now predictable return to a 5% upper circuit this time, after two days of lower circuits, […]

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May 14- Renewable Pack Outpaces Market Recovery

On a day that the market recovered somewhat, green energy stocks easily outpaced the market recovery, save for Waaree Renewable Technologies, which remained locked at the lower circuit breaker of 5%. KPI Greem Shakti Pumps were both locked at the upper circuit, exhibiting the strong demand still around for these firms. Adani Green, Tata Power […]

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