Ginlong Solis Selected For “Best Companies To Work’ Award

Ginlong technologies (Solis) was awarded ‘Best Companies to Work For In Asia’ after competing with hundreds of companies in different fields. The award recognises the contribution of the enterprise talent management system construction and value improvement, affirming the achievements of Ginlong Technology (Solis) in the core value of talent management, performance management, incentive system, and […]

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Key Points of Inverter Selection in BIPV Project

Background The organic combination of PV system and buildings makes it fashionable and practical to create green buildings that meet key climate objectives too. These Building Integrated Photo Voltaic or BIPV systems are gaining in popularity with responsible corporates, as they help deliver key objectives of green energy, conservation, and sustainability for new constructions and […]

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The Influence Of Winter On Solar PV Systems And Related O&M Considerations

Background Winter is well and truly on its way for the northern hemisphere with temperatures beginning to fall and already reaching freezing point in some regions. According to forecasts there will be prolonged periods of icy and snowy weather in Europe on its way. So, what are the specific effects of winter on the operation […]

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As La Nina Forms, Backup Power Might Rule This Winter

Background As the ocean and atmosphere of the tropical Pacific indicate, La Niña has already occurred. And the probability of La Niña this winter is 87%. From historical data, in the winter when most La Niña events reach their peak, climate anomalies caused by La Niña include the  probability of colder winters rising. While one […]

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Optimising Solar PV Power Supply Systems Alongside Oil Generators

Background In some areas of the world, the power grid can fail or shut down due to unstable supply or planned shutdowns via programs such as “load shedding” and can last an unknown amount of time. During this time, a standard grid connected solar PV system will also shut down. How can we ensure that […]

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Solis Set To Showcase Its Best At Renewable Energy India Expo 2021

Ginlong Technologies (Solis), a global leader in smart photovoltaic string inverters, has confirmed that it will be showcasing their world-class solar sector offerings, products and solutions in inverter and energy storage technology at the REI Expo at booth 3.42. For Solis, as it is called in India, the event has become a key part of […]

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PV Plant Safety. Inverter Power On and Power Off Operation

Background During the operation and maintenance of a solar PV plant, we often power off and power on the inverter, which is normally related to the safety of equipment and the personal safety of O&M personnel but is there anything specific we should look out for during what is seemingly a very simple process? In […]

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Solis Delivers 110kW Inverters for Installing Rooftops to a UK Manufacturer

Solis delivered its 110kW inverter to install a rooftop solar power system for a plastics manufacturer, Faerch Plast. China’s global photovoltaic string inverter manufacturer, presented under the Solis brand, Ginlong Technologies Co., Ltd. has worked alongside UK renewable energy company Engenera to install a rooftop solar power system for a plastics manufacturer, Faerch Plast. At […]

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Solis Seminar : Solution to “OV-G-V0X” alarm

Background In PV systems, grid over-voltage faults (OV-G-V0X) can occur frequently, especially in areas with weak grids and high solar PV grid-connected capacity. Such faults are common and in this episode of Solis seminar, we will share with you the causes of “OV-G-V0X”, and how to rectify the issue. Fault Description During normal operation of […]

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