solar fencing

Dutch Move To Limit Solar On Agri Lands Triggers Protests From Trade Body

Europe, even as it seemingly embraces solar with a massive jump in installations through 2022-23 that have been seen so far, still has some serious solar sceptics. Be it those who would rather prefer gas, the top energy fuel for the continent till recently, or even nuclear or Hydro, which powers countries like France and […]

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Maharashtra Plans Solar Fence in 1173 Villages

Maharashtra government has come up with a major project on solar fencing. The project is estimated to be at Rs. 50 crore. Planned to be carried out in a phase wise  manner, the first phase will cover 1173 villages and will benefit 33,000 beneficiaries. Talking to Saur Energy, a senior official, PCCF (Principal Chief Conservator […]

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Community Solar Project Takes Shape in Assam to Address Man-Elephant Conflict

Assam’s Brahmaputra Valley which has been prone to elephant-human conflict for quite some time now, has launched a new initiative that employs solar lighting, solar fencing and community education, to stem the challenge of conflict between elephants and human beings. The project is gaining support from the British Asian Trust, Aaranyak (BAT-Aaranyak), which is a […]

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Local Search Engine Identifies Strong Demand For Solar In India As Power Cuts Hurt

Demand for solar panels and geysers have been on a rise across the country with cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, and Pune generating maximum demand for solar panels and geysers, reports the latest Just Dial Consumer Insights. Just Dial Limited provides local search related services to users in India through multiple platforms.   The insight comes […]

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Farmers advised to use solar fencing

The forest department has made a request to the Tamil Nadu electricity Board to take action against the farmers who are misusing the free electricity supplied by the government. Officials from forest administration claims that 31 elephants have died of electrocution in the last 15 years, and despite both departments trying their best to address […]

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