Solar Cost

Like Solar Trees, The Solar ‘Smartflower’ Also faces Cost Challenges

Austria-based Smart Flower Energy Technology aims to “make a solar statement with the sculptural, intelligent Smartflower,” the latter being a flower-shaped solar product made of panels which operate with dual axis tracking, i.e. they follow the sun to always face it at an ideal 90 degrees. With a peak capacity of 2.5 kilowatts, the product is […]

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Thinking Solar Energy? 7 Easy Ways to Get cost effective Solar Today

The present has to do something with past, any technology which has scratched heads today might have footprints of early centuries. In 200 BC, Archimedes method of using concentrated sun’s rays through the mirror to set fire enemies should have churned reasons for unbelievable applications in solar power today.  Disregard the figures of global warming […]

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