Silicon Solar

Your Phone, or Clothing- These Paperthin Solar Cells Be Added To Any Surface

Energy-producing thin-film materials with photovoltaic cells that can be added to clothing- sounds like a far-fetched thought, but MIT scientists are on their way to turning the thought into a reality. A team of researchers have made thin layers of photovoltaic cells that come with a series of advantages. The said thin-film materials are much […]

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Climate Conditions Affect Solar Cell Performance More Than Expected

Researchers have explored the convergence of two things, location and technology, to come up with a framework for predicting solar panel energy output. Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers can now predict how much energy solar cells will produce at any location worldwide. Surprisingly, they identified that two types of solar cells (silicon and cadmium telluride) […]

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SERIS Launches Fully Screen-Printed Monopoly Silicon Solar Cell Technology for Mass Production

MonoPoly, the solar cell technology developed by SERIS is bifacial and can be applied to both n-type and p-type wafers. The Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) has reached a new cell efficiency milestone in the development of its low-cost screen-printed bifacial monoPoly silicon solar cell technology, […]

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