SHS Kit manufacturers

NPO GOGLA Invites Bids For Solar Market Consultants For Study On Solar Lanterns & SHS

The Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA) has issued a call for proposals for a solar market expert to do market research on solar household systems and lanterns in India. The consultants will have to conduct a short analysis of Bangladesh’s and Nepal’s distributed renewable energy markets. Offers must be submitted before September 9, 2022. The […]

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87% Solar Manufacturers Expect Increased Prices for Consumers: GOGLA

Netherlands-based GOGLA has conducted a survey of 33 solar equipment manufacturers, primarily SHS Kit manufacturers, to understand the impact of disruptions caused by materials shortages and raised shipping costs on the off-grid solar industry. An unprecedented high demand for electric vehicles and consumer electronics (among others caused by COVID-19) has resulted in manufacturers facing chronic […]

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