Rystad Energy

Offshore Wind Capex in Europe to Surpass Upstream Oil and Gas by 2022: Rystad

A new analysis has predicted that the capex on offshore wind will match upstream Oil and Gas spending in Europe in 2021, and surpass it in 2022 The oil market collapse caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is set to delay several oil and gas developments in Western Europe, putting capital expenditure in the offshore sector […]

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Floating Solar to Expand 100-Fold in Southeast Asia: Report

Floating PV panels are making a splash in Southeast Asia, and a new study expects floating solar developments, to increase 100-fold in the next 5-15 years Floating PV panels are making a splash in Southeast Asia, where gigawatts (GW) worth of utility-scale solar power are planned in the coming years. Development plans are in the […]

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Tesla Causes Sales of Diesel Cars in Norway to Drop by 95%

Sales of some diesel cars have witnessed a 95 percent drop over the past six years in Norway, according to new research analysis.   A new analysis by Independent energy research firm, Rystad Energy has revealed that sales of certain diesel cars are in free-fall as Norway turns to Tesla and other makers of premium […]

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