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The Netherlands Urges Cuts In energy Consumption To Reduce Russian Influence

Even as European Union countries focus on expanding the renewables in their energy mix to reduce their dependence from the Russian oil and gas products, the Netherlands government is seeking cuts or greater efficiency from its largest consumers from 2023 onwards to reduce dependence. That is a welcome approach, instead of the failure to look […]

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The Top 5: Biggest Exporters of Electricity in the World

In the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the western world reacted with a slew of sanctions on Russia. As it turns out, the sanctions topped short of a complete ban on Russian energy – oil, gas, and coal imports. Even as the UK decided to phase out Russian oil by the end of […]

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Austria will Release €250 million for Wind and Solar Projects

Rising energy costs due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict have pushed up overall inflation in Austria and this has caused the Austrian government to come up with a plan to expand the renewable energy sector in the country. The government has revealed that it will provide financial assistance of €250 million for the development of solar […]

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