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Renewable Energy Certificates. Trading Resumes, But Much Needs To Be Done

Highlights: The market share of REC market had already shrunk to 9.2 lakh Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) in 2020-21, while 60.58 lakh RECs piled up till March end. As per CEEW-CEF analysis, as many as 5.1 million RECs have remained unsold due to poor RPO compliance across India, a demand shortfall of 7%. The Appellate […]

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R.K. Singh Demolishes ‘Canards’ Against Power Reforms At Presser

At a virtual press conference today, Power Minister R.K. Singh launched a scathing broadside against what he described as the ‘canards’ being spread by vested interests to delay or block the passage of key power reforms, proposed in the upcoming Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2020. Getting down to the theme straightaway, Mr Singh highlighted how India, […]

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