Will Start Indian Manufacturing Unit Soon: Kumar Shailendra, Sol Bright

How much technological progress has the firm made since 2013?  In the sector of dry cleaning robots, we are the inventors of this technology. Around 2013, we invested in this technology. From 2013 to 2023, we moved from Gen-I robots to Gen-VI robots. Now, we are offering Gen-VI robots. It resulted from the experiences and […]

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Drones, Robots, Hexacopter: Novel Technologies to Clean Solar Panels

One of the abiding trends in renewable energies is the push to deliver more for less. That means, when it comes to solar for instance, all supporting services and products like solar cleaning, or even trackers, need to track the drop in costs or increasing efficiencies of panels. Cleaning of panels, a key part of […]

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Volkswagen Lets its Autonomous EV Charging Robots Loose

The Volkswagen Group has provided a glimpse into the future, with its mobile charging robot taking over the task to drive to the EV completely autonomously. The Volkswagen Group has provided a glimpse into the future in which the search for charging stations for electric vehicles (EV) comes to an end. The Volkswagen Group Components’ […]

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