Battery Recycling Startup-Metastable Bags Seed Funding Under Scale-Up Programme

Metastable, a deep-tech battery recycling startup, has raised seed funding under Sequoia Capital  Asia’s rapid scale-up programme, ‘ Surge’. The Bengaluru-based urban mining company works towards extracting crucial elements of Lithium-ion batteries up to the optimal level.  In a release to the media, the firm said that it had raised seed funding through the programme. […]

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Vestas Claims An Answer To Recycle All Wind Turbine Blades

Wind turbines have become a crucial component in the fight against climate change, but what happens to the massive blades at the end of their lifespan? Landfills were the only answer, until now. Vestas Wind Systems is claiming a game-changing chemical process that it says could eliminate the need for landfill disposal and transform used […]

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Nunam Will Deploy The Used Batteries of Audi In E-Rickshaw

Indo-German startup Nunam has found a way to recycle and use the used batteries of luxury car Audi. A press release by the startup on June 15 claimed that the recycled batteries of Audi will be used as a pilot project in the e-rickshaws already mainstreaming the commuting system for the office goers particularly across […]

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Fraunhofer Institute creates proficient solar cell ‘recycling’ process

For what could be a major breakthrough for the PV recycling industry, the Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics CSP in Germany has developed a solution to recycle PV modules on an industrial scale and reuse the silicon to produce new PERC solar cells. The institution has developed this in close cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute for […]

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Wind Manufacturers Progress On Recycling, With Siemens Gamesa Claim on Turbine Blades

Spanish turbine maker Siemens Gamesa announced on September 7 that it has started producing recyclable offshore wind turbine blades for commercial use. The move matters to an industry that, even while seen as renewable and clean, needs to do more to truly reduce its carbon footprint, and start carbon free payback earlier for projects. Competitor Vestas […]

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Japan to Recycle Solar Modules Using Blockchain Tech

Solar PV manufacturer Next Energy and trading and investment business conglomerate Marubeni are partnering to recycle used solar panels using blockchain technology, as part of a programme supported by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment. Mitsubishi Research Institute will also assist the two companies in developing and demonstrating the potential of blockchain in reporting and recording information […]

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Top 10 Cleantech Trends for 2021 By IHS Markit

Asia will account for over 70 percent of total floating PV installations by 2024, says London-based information provider IHS Markit, among other cleantech trends expected this year. The whitepaper “10 Cleantech Trends in 2021” makes the following predictions vis a vis the renewables sector: 1. Renewable installations will rebound by double- digits after covid-19 impasse Annual […]

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More Research Needed to Attain Climate Goals with Wind: WindEurope

On 4 May, the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Wind Energy (ETIPWind) with the support of WindEurope gathered cross-sectoral experts – from the wind energy sector, composite, copper, cement, rare earth industries and the European Commission – to tackle the development of new materials used in wind turbines and turbine recycling. The EU has […]

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Veolia Secures Blade Recycling Contract in the US With GE Renewable Energy

GE Renewable Energy has signed a multi-year agreement with Veolia to recycle blades removed from its US-based onshore turbines during upgrades and repowering efforts. GE Renewable Energy has announced that it has signed a multi-year agreement with Veolia North America (VNA) to recycle blades removed from its US-based onshore turbines during upgrades and repowering efforts. […]

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