SaurEnergy Explains: A Guide to Green Power Trading

The world has witnessed exponential growth in the renewable energy sector, particularly over the last decade, as the importance of renewable energy has become common knowledge. According to one IRENA report, 2023 set a new record in renewables deployment in the power sector by reaching a total capacity of 3,870 Gigawatts (GW) globally. Furthermore, renewables […]

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IEX FY24 and March Update- Overall Volumes Up, Green Market Volumes Slump

Indian Energy Exchange (IEX), India’s premier electricity exchange, achieved 110 BU in FY’24, registering an increase of 13.8% on YoY basis. Electricity volumes at 101.7BU increased 12% YoY. Additionally, 75.39 lac RECs (equivalent to 7,539 MU) were traded during FY’24. REC traded volume in FY’24 increased 26% on YoY basis. The Government undertook several measures […]

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IEX December Market Update- Green Market Slide Continues with 60% Drop

Indian Energy Exchange,(IEX) India’s premier energy exchange, achieved 9,707 MU overall volume in December’23, including 10.52 Lac Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) (equivalent to 1052 MU), marking a 14.9% increase on YoY basis. IEX achieved 8,655 MU total electricity volume in December 2023, registering an increase of 8.7% on YoY basis. For the third quarter of […]

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First Floating Solar Project of Duke Energy Kicks Off in Florida

The first floating solar project in Florida by clean energy firm Duke Energy is now operational and producing  renewable energy.  The floating solar project of close to 1 MW boasts over 1,800 solar panels floating atop two acres of water surface on a cooling pond at the Duke Energy Hines Energy Complex located in Bartow. […]

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Renewable Energy Credits In Demand In US As Utility Seeks RFP For 570,000

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), also termed Renewable Energy Certificates, in India are gaining wider currency in the US as utilities use them to fulfill green energy requirements for themselves and even customers in many cases. The latest is US utility FirstEnergy Ohio that has launched a request for proposal (RFP) to purchase 570,000 renewable energy […]

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IEX Power Market Update for Jan ’23: IEX Clocks In Fiscal’s Highest Monthly Vol of 8639 MU

The Indian Energy Exchange (IEX), India’s premier energy exchange, achieved 8639 MU cumulative volume in January 2023. This is inclusive of Green Power trade worth 347 MU, and 3.95 lac RECs (equivalent to 395 MU). IEX is India’s premier energy exchange providing a nationwide, automated trading platform for physical delivery of electricity, renewable energy and […]

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540 MW Boralex Solar Farms & 77 MW of Storage To Add To New York Renewable Power

Quebec, Canada based Boralex Inc. has announced five solar farms totaling 540 MW of generation and 77 MW of storage have been selected by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) as part of its 2021 request for utility-scale renewable energy certificates. Once constructed, the solar farms will generate more than 1 […]

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PXIL to Launch Real Time Market for Electricity Transactions From June 1

PXIL is launching a real time market which will enable buyers & sellers to purchase/ sell electricity from anywhere in the country with just 1 hours notice The Power Exchange India Ltd (PXIL) has said it will be launching a real-time market for electricity transactions from June 1, 2020. The Real Time Market (RTM) provided […]

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IEX Reports 6.6 Percent Decline in Power Trade in April 2020

IEX has stated that its electricity market saw a trade of 4052 MU in the month of April 2020, witnessing a decline of 6.6 percent YoY. The Indian Energy Exchange (IEX), the country’s premier energy exchange platform has stated that the electricity market at IEX saw a trade of 4052 MU in the month of […]

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