power crisis

CERC Relaxes Rules to Address Impending Power Shortages

The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has relaxed the rules governing the sale of electricity by generating companies to increase power availability. The new rules allow generating companies to sell un-requisitioned power in the day-ahead market without the beneficiaries’ consent. It is a departure from the previous rules, which required the beneficiaries’ consent before the […]

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RE Success Could Have Prevented Frequent Power Cuts In AP

Andhra Pradesh could have averted the power crisis over the last few months had it met its renewable energy targets. This was the finding of a report from Climate Risks Horizons, a Bengaluru based Thinktank. AP experienced more power cuts than other states in India facing a power crisis. According to the report from Climate […]

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Fresh Highs In Renewable Power Generation Supported India During Coal Crisis

As India faced the worst power cuts in the last six years in April, 2022, the data released by the Central Government shows that there was record renewable energy production in the country which reduced the dependence on the coal and also helped the rise in the coal inventories. This happened even when there was […]

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6 Myths Blown Away By India’s Power Crisis

The power crisis in India has received enough coverage in the media, with focus now on the barely 3 days coal supplies with a significant segment (Over 40%) of the country’s thermal fleet of power stations. While the use of the word energy transition is designed to soothe nerves and allow the huge changes underway […]

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