Okinawa Autotech

Okinawa Autotech Registers Retail Sales of 17,531 Units in Oct 2022

Okinawa Autotech, an Indian manufacturer of electric two-wheelers, sold a record 17531 units in retail sales in October 2022 as a consequence of the robust demand from customers for its wide range of EV scooters. The sum of sales includes both high-speed and low-speed electric scooters from Okinawa Autotech. The increased demand for electric scooters […]

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Okinawa Autotech Announces Launch of ‘Megafactory’ In Rajasthan

Okinawa Autotech, India’s electric two-wheeler brand has announced the launch of its mega factory in Karoli, Rajasthan. It will be one of the most comprehensive units and the first such attempt (First Complete EV Ecosystem as the company terms it ) made in the country by an electric two-wheeler company.  The mega factory will have […]

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Okinawa Autotech to make JV with Italian e-two wheeler maker Tacita

Okinawa Autotech, a leading Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturing company and Tacita, an Italian manufacturer of electric motorcycles have signed an agreement to form a joint venture for the production of electric two wheelers. The JV will be based in India and will begin production from 2023. The official statement by Okinawa and Tacita says that […]

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Fire incidents Compel Ola and Pure EV to recall thousands of e-scooters

The fire incidents in electric vehicles across the country is pushing the electric vehicle manufacturers to recall their EVs as their goodwill stares at a decline. The central government has also formed a panel to examine if the OEMs were negligent in manufacturing the electric vehicles. Now Pure EV and Ola Electric have recalled thousands […]

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FADA says Electric Vehicle Retail Sales Swells Three-Fold in India

Electric vehicles adoption in India is playing out better than market estimates where fuel prices have been rising unabatedly of late. According to the data released by the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA), electric vehicle retail sales in India saw over a three-fold jump last fiscal with the two-wheeler segment ruling the roost. FADA has gathered […]

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The Top 5: Electric Two-Wheeler Manufacturers in India

The Indian Electric two-Wheeler market stands out for one clear reality. The entry of multiple new startups in the two wheeler space, who hope to use the technology change to grab market share from the legacy two wheeler players. While it is early days yet, it is clear that at least a few of the […]

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Okinawa’s New E2W Plant in Rajasthan Has 3 Lac Units Annual Capacity

Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturer Okinawa Autotech has commenced operations at its second manufacturing unit located in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, the company said in a recent statement. The company expects to be manufacturing close to 3 lakh electric vehicles (EVs) per year at the new plant, aiming to eventually increase the capacity to 1 million in the […]

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