Nishchal Chaudhary

BattRE, RevOS Team Up To Build Low Cost EV Charging Network

Momentum for building a viable charging network for Electric Vehicles (EVs) is getting stronger by the day. Even though the big announcements like a station at every one of India’s 69,000 fuel outlets are being made by the government, when it comes to action on the ground, nimble startups are leading the way. The latest […]

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Amid Motown Slowdown, Electric Two and Three-Wheelers Power Ahead

With nearly 80 percent of the vehicle market dominated by two and three-wheelers in India, tech start-ups have led the electric mobility space to manufacture electric two and three-wheelers and the ecosystem must-haves like battery swapping and charging setup. Government think tank Niti Aayog announced, and retracted quickly on a transition target from fossil fuel […]

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