Mukesh Sethi

Panasonic Launches EverVolt 2.0 Home Battery Storage System

Japan-based Panasonic Corporation, an electronics manufacturer formerly known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., has unveiled an updated version of its EverVolt home battery system — an emergency power back up system that stores surplus solar energy for use when the power goes out or in the evenings when rates are highest. The key features of ‘EverVolt™ 2.0 […]

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Panasonic Extends Warranty on Solar Panels to Cover Labour on All Components

Panasonic has expanded its 25-year warranty on solar panels to include labour on all components of the residential solar system, including monitoring and interconnection hardware and racking system. The announcement builds on its recent warranty expansion to cover labour on Enphase microinverters included in Panasonic AC modules. Earlier, only labour for solar panels was covered […]

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