Panasonic Extends Warranty on Solar Panels to Cover Labour on All Components

Panasonic Extends Warranty on Solar Panels to Cover Labour on All Components

Panasonic has expanded its 25-year warranty on solar panels to include labour on all components of the residential solar system, including monitoring and interconnection hardware and racking system.

The announcement builds on its recent warranty expansion to cover labour on Enphase microinverters included in Panasonic AC modules.

Earlier, only labour for solar panels was covered via authorized and premium installers, while the new, enhanced labour warranty now applies to the full system.

Now under the new scheme, the company will alleviate labour costs associated with servicing valid warranty claims for solar panel and certain other hardware components if installed with a Panasonic AC module, including other components like Enphase microinverter, Enphase Envoy™ communication gateway, Enphase IQ™ Combiner and Unirac racking system.

Commenting on the development, Mukesh Sethi, Director, Panasonic Life Solutions Company of America, said that “the AllGuard™ full-system labour warranty ensures homeowners have complete peace-of-mind while making our valued installers’ jobs easier and more efficient.”

Sethi further added “Panasonic listens closely to customer and installer feedback and is always striving to create products and solutions that meet their needs. The response was so positive from the warranty coverage extension of the Enphase microinverter announced last summer, it became clear that a more comprehensive claims experience is what customers and installers desire across solar system components.”

The company further said that its new warranty scheme applies to labour in addition to the product workmanship warranty provided by equipment manufacturer when installed by the company authorized, premium or elite installer.

Moreover, the scheme is applicable to the company’s solar systems purchased on or after June 16, 2020.

Besides, the company’s 25-year warranty is one of the longest in the industry and it also guarantees 91 per cent of rated power for solar panels over the term of the warranty, which is higher than other solar modules on the market today.

Recently, the company has announced a new strategic alliance with Span to deliver a combined energy storage and management offering that will give homeowners a new level of control over their battery backup power with intuitive energy management for the entire home.

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