Mercedes Orders SolidFlow Battery For Germany Manufacturing Facility

Mercedes-Benz Group AG announced it has ordered an 11MWh CMBlu Energy SolidFlow battery for use in the car maker’s Rastatt plant in Germany. Mercedes-Benz Group AG will be utilising the SolidFlow battery for supplying energy storage and increasing the company’s clean energy reliability and resiliency efforts at the German facility. Mercedes-Benz Group AG’s first Organic […]

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Mercedes To Integrate With Tesla’s North American Charging Standard System

Mercedes-Benz has revealed its plans to integrate Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) system into its electric vehicles (EVs) in North America, beginning in 2025. As a first step, the company will introduce an adaptor in 2024, enabling its existing Combined Charging System (CCS) EVs to charge on the NACS network. This integration will grant […]

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UKA To Build 120 MW Wind Farm For Mercedes-Benz

Global automaker Mercedes-Benz has announced plans for installing a wind energy farm of over 120 MW at its test track in Papenburg, Northern Germany. It has also awarded a long-term contract worth hundreds of millions to German energy park developer UKA (Umweltgerechte Kraftanlagen GmbH & Co. KG) under which UKA will erect about 20 wind […]

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Electric Vehicle Growth Continues: Outlook for 2023

Electric vehicles (EVs) registered a market disrupting growth through the last decade, more so in the last few years. Clean mobility technology remains one of the most important aspects of energy transition across the globe. The year 2022 was a significant year for EVs, and the expectations are that the trend will continue in 2023. […]

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Mercedes-Benz to Build 100 MW Wind Farm In Germany

Global auto conglomerate Mercedes-Benz has said that it will build a wind farm at its test track in Papenburg, Germany. The auto-maker held that the output of the wind farm will be more than 100 MW which will cover over 15 per cent of the annual electricity demand of Mercedes-Benz Group AG for the German […]

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Mercedes To Drive India’s Luxury EV Market, Poised To Overtake Tesla

According to its country head, Martin Schwenk, Mercedes-Benz wants to dominate the market for premium electric vehicles in India. This will help it maintain its lead over rival Tesla and solidify its position as the most popular luxury automobile brand. According to Martin Schwenk, Mercedes-Benz will introduce three new electric vehicles in India this year, […]

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Setting Up a Battery Manufacturing Plant: The Factors That Matter

Battery manufacturing is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. A decade ago, consumers used batteries for their laptops, phones and other gadgets. Today, these energy storage devices are powering cars, medical equipment and even houses. New plants for battery production are popping up as a result. But in this realm of a gradual shift towards […]

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Mercedes-Benz Electric Vehicle Sales Double in April-June Quarter

Despite dwindling car sales there is some consolation for top automaker Mercedes-Benz this season. Just when the sales of its fossil fuel based cars declined by a massive 16 per cent in the quarter that spanned April to June compared with the corresponding quarter of the previous year. But, the sales of its battery based […]

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LG Secures $6.1 Bn Worth Orders For EV Parts In H1 2022

South Korean company LG Electronics has revealed securing $6.1 billion worth of new orders for electric vehicle (EV) parts and solutions. This figure is from the first half of 2022 and signifies that the company’s new growth engine is making headways. The fresh orders are believed to be for invehicle infotainment system and its telematics […]

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