Locus Energy

Locus Energy Announces Active Monitoring & Clarity Fleet Analysis Offerings

Locus Energy’s Active Monitoring and Clarity Fleet Analysis continuously assesses fleet performance, employing patent-pending analytic tools to identify potential issues and diagnose the root causes of alerts, such as shading, soiling, snow, and degradation. Locus Energy has announced the launch of a comprehensive, low-cost monitoring, analytics, and fleet management solution for residential solar sites. The […]

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Locus Energy introduces “Bring Your Own Logger” Service to offer Solar Monitoring Hardware Flexibility

With the ability to ingest data from many different endpoints, project stakeholders can now take advantage of Locus’ multitude of tools and applications. This includes SolarNOC, Locus’ cloud-based fleet management platform, which provides an unprecedented level of control over how system data is aggregated, displayed, and analyzed. Locus Energy has announced new, advanced hardware flexibility, […]

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Locus Energy Expands Virtual Irradiance Coverage Across Asia

The irradiance data from Locus Energy’s Virtual Irradiance system does not require on-site irradiance sensors, yet provides a similar level of accuracy in assessing the amount of sunlight energy that a site has received. Locus Energy has recently expanded its Virtual Irradiance coverage across much of Asia, providing fleet operators, asset managers, and performance engineers […]

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