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Biden Invests $366 Mn To Lower Energy Cost In Remote Communities

US President Joe Biden announced a $366 million investment for 17 projects across 20 states and 30 communities. This investment announcement is part of President Biden’s investing in America agenda, under the US Department of Energy (DOE) to accelerate clean energy deployment in rural and remote areas across the country. This funding was made possible […]

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Could a Donald Trump Presidency Trip Up The IRA?

The IRA, or the Inflation Reduction Act in the United States (US), ever since it came into force in August 2022, has been unfolding the kind of impact that has never been seen yet in the clean energy industry. Even as most provisions in the IRA became effective by Jan 2023, the biggest part of […]

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India & US Shore Up Partnership to Anchor $500 Mn RE Infrastructure Investment Fund

A joint investment fund of up to $1 billion to aid India’s initiatives aimed at the adoption of green technology has got the nod from US President Joe Biden and Narendra Modi. In an initiative that will strengthen India-US bilateral relationship in the renewable energy space, India’s National Investment and Infrastructure Fund and the US […]

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US Sets Sights on First Offshore Wind Auction in Gulf of Mexico

The United States has come up with a proposal for the first sale of offshore wind power development rights in the Gulf of Mexico. The sale currently under planning is an effort towards Joe Biden’s administration to set up wind turbines along all the coastlines of the USA, which looks to achieve 30 GW of […]

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$26M Investment In RE Grid Demonstration Projects By Biden Administration

US President Joe Biden has announced a US $26M investment to demonstrate that the US electricity grid can be run fully on renewables and energy storage. The program will investigate how renewable energy can sustain grid dependability and allow it to stay connected during disturbances or reboot it in the event of a shutdown through […]

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South East Asia Solar Exports To US Might Get A Two Year Free Pass

In a possible move to keep up the momentum of Solar capacity build out in the US, President Joe Biden is likely to use his executive authority vested in the Presidency to allow for a two year waiver for imports from South East Asia. This follows the exemptions given to Bifacial module imports earlier, which […]

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Battery Boom Could Redraw Geopolitical Order

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has accelerated a shift to investment in renewables and storage batteries as a way to reduce dependence on imports of fossil fuels a large part of which comes from OPEC and Russia. Dependent on Russia for supply of gas everyday, Europe and USA are desperately trying to break free and access […]

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U.S. to consider tariffs on solar panels made in Southeast Asia

U.S. trade officials on Monday said they will launch an investigation that could result in tariffs on solar panels imported from four Southeast Asian nations, a blow to clean energy project developers that rely on cheap imports to keep costs down. The Commerce Department’s decision regarding imports from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia was a […]

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