The Promise Of Solar Energy From Space

Solar space farms? One of the most fascinating developments in the renewable energy sector has been the possibility of putting solar technology in space. NASA, in 1977, claimed that in the coming years space solar could completely replace fossil fuels. The study and investments were stopped citing a lack of understanding of the technology required […]

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US Solar Farm Company Controls Texas Market with 6GW Yearly Pipeline of Projects

ISS has become the leader in US Solar Farm development over a seven year period by supplying its clients and investors with the highest quality, highest return projects here in the US. Innovative Solar Systems, LLC (ISS), utility-scale developer of Solar Farms in the US has the single largest footprint of 20MW (AC)-200MW (AC) projects […]

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Innovative Solar Systems Sells 2GW Solar Energy Farm Portfolio

Innovative Solar Systems has been quickly selling off the remainder of their 2017/2018 Solar Energy projects but still have some crown jewel projects ready for immediate purchase by interested buyers and investors. Innovative Solar Systems, an Asheville, NC based Solar Farm Developer has just closed a joint venture deal with VIVO Power that totals 37 […]

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Innovative Solar Systems Selling 500MW Blocks of Utility Scale Projects

Innovative Solar Systems is After the recent announcement of selling 1GW off Utility Scale size Solar Farm projects, ISS has now announced that it is in process of selling 500MW Blocks of Utility Scale Projects. Innovative Solar Systems is in the process of selling off the company’s next portfolio of Utility Scale Solar Farm projects […]

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Innovative Solar Systems recently been awarded a total of 720 Megawatts of New PPAs

Innovative Solar Systems (ISS) has just been awarded a total of 720 Megawatts of new Purchase Power Agreements (PPA’s) from large credit worthy Power Off-Takers in the Mid-West. The companies CEO states that receiving these 25 year contracts will enable ISS to more quickly sell and fund these new projects that range in size from […]

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