iron-air battery

Iron Air Battery Maker Form Energy Might Have a Solution For Steel Emissions

De-carbonization is one of the key goals of the green movement and has been one of the toughest challenges to solve for the past few decades. And it looks like it’s been solved. In a completely accidental find, Form Energy, a green battery company discovered a solution to cleaning up the iron and steel industry. […]

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All About Metal-Air Batteries

Metal-air batteries are an attractive technology. They are safer and have a higher energy density than other types of batteries. The application of air as a cathode helps in lowering the cost and the weight considerably. The utilization of cheap metals as an anode further assists in lowering the cost. A metal-air battery functions in […]

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Form Energy Reveals Chemistry of its Long Duration Iron-air Battery

US technology firm Form Energy has announced the battery chemistry of its first commercial product and a $200 million Series D financing round led by ArcelorMittal’s XCarb™ innovation fund. The four-year-old startup claims that through the use of iron, one of the most common elements on Earth, it has built an inexpensive battery that can […]

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